Wednesday, October 11, 2006

24 Hour ComICA last weekend

spent most of the weekend at the ICA, talking comics to a combination of comics people (marshalled by Paul Gravett for international 24 Hour Comic Day) and people who wandered up from the gallery below lured by my sign that artists were drawing upstairs ;-)

I missed all of Paul's talks because I was mostly selling comics for the people who had attended to take part in the 24 Hour Comic, but I got to meet Frank Skinner who turns out to be as nice as all the other Baggies fans I know. And has been expanding his knowledge of comics that (like many of the ICA regulars) he'd left behind years ago.

The 24 Hour collective came from the spectrum of indie comics in the UK (ie not The Beano), and I currently have half a dozen of their comics waiting for scanning over the weekend ...

Contributors were:

Steven Appleby "Rejoice, this comic is the ghost of a tree"
Matt Broersma "The Black Book"
Matilda Tristram "Vikram"
Dave Simmonds (New Statesman) "Evolution" ... ?
David Baillie "Doggie"
Douglas Noble "WHat it is and what it was not"
Dan Fish "4 3 2 1"
Christian Jensen "The Harvest Has Failed" - 7 pages A2 size - ie 28 pages A4 ;-)

Umisen-Yamasen manga studio:
Chie Kutsuwada, "When I Fly"
Inko, "The Clock"
Hepi-Ichiko, "My Name is Otomeko"
Ochi-bo "Crouching Wolf & Hidden Red Riding Hood"
Yuki, "The Gift"

John from Gosh! "START" - 24 pages in one hour !

Neal Fox, Leigh Fox, Bill Bragg, Chris Bianchi, James Graham , Steph Von
Reiswitz, Alex Wright, Tobias Tak, Emma Rendel ,Cecelia Lindgren, Carl
Waters, Harry Malt, Luke Frost, James Unsworth, Echao Jiang
(We should post this as a video !)
"The Life and Death of Shit Boy and his muscular friend" - 24 large pages !

And my nephew, Carl helped me film the whole event so we can promote next years (hopefully the ICA will sanction a 24 HOUR overnighter ?)

Pictures here:
Movie to follow.

Who wants to take part next year?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

ComICA - 24 HOUR comic & Just 1 Page

Yes, you heard me !
(Well okay unless you read out loud you didn't)

I am helping out at the 24 Hour comic at the ICA on Friday Night/Saturday all day
and there's a Just 1 Page table to come and talk to people about doing comics
(If any Just 1 Page contributors want to come along and do some talking, email me NOW)

I now bring you the plagiarised email of David Baillie who has taken up the challenge.

Hi everyone

As some of you will already know, this weekend is the official global 24
Hour Comics Day.

I will be taking part in the event being held at the ICA on The Mall:


Official UK 24 Hour Comics Day Kick-off
6 October 2006
This one-day worldwide phenomenon of comics creativity, brainchild of
Amercian comics guru Scott McCloud, author of Understanding Comics, hits
the UK. Be there when the Comica team of cartoonists including Steven
Appleby from The Guardian and Telegraph, David Baillie, Matt Broersma,
Umisen-Yamasen Studio (Chi-Tan, Inko and Hepi Ichiko) and Le Gun crew
start creating their spontaneous 24-page 24-hour comics.

In case you’re not familiar with the concept – the participants each
have 24 hours to write and draw a complete 24-page comic (minus all the
time spent eating, weeing, brushing their teeth etc.). Just to put that
in context my last 24-page comic took me just over a calendar month.

While I’m very much looking forward to the challenge, I think it would
make it much more worthwhile if I could raise some money for a good
cause in the process, so I am seeking sponsorship.

All donations will go to the comics based charity Just One Page, helmed
by the tireless Adrian Brown, which for the last four years has raised
funds for a variety of causes through comics related activities and
publications. This year the worthy recipient is Childline UK.

I’ve included a handy guide for those whose maths skills have failed
them this morning.

10p – 24 pages completed - £2.40
20p – 24 pages completed - £4.80
50p – 24 pages completed - £12.00
£1 – 24 pages completed - £24.00

So if you were to sponsor me 10p a page, your final donation (assuming I
complete the challenge) will be £2.40. Of course you can donate whatever
you want, or can afford to, and any amount at all will be very
gratefully received. All supporters will, of course, receive a copy of
the comic I finally produce after the 24 hours.

Also anyone who feels like coming down to the ICA (it’s just off
Trafalgar Square) to cheer us on is more than welcome. (I think it’s
being filmed, too – so you might get some screen time).

Please feel free to pass this on to anyone you think may be inclined to

Many thanks
David Baillie


Saturday, September 02, 2006

Just 1 Page apologies

Due to very poor sales of the magazine, and very busy times at work, I have not yet organised the auctions.

I am planning something for December, and the Shaun of the Dead statue for Halloween.

Thanks for any interest.


Thursday, April 27, 2006

World news

With fourteen Brazilian pages (about 20 artists and writers joining in), it is perhaps fitting that the first news coverage comes from Brazil !

Hopefully, ashcan versions will be sent to a few choice publications next week.

See you at Bristol !

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

More team news !

Most of the art I've received is online here

Several of you have promised to try and get some art in - I desperately need a pic of Raven on the Wing (otherwise I have to draw him myself !)

Deadline day on 18th April !

Sunday, February 26, 2006

The squad for Just 1 Page 2006 (so far)

Please let me know who you intend to draw, and remember, any comics character in any of the World Cup countries is still an acceptable theme for your contributions !

Hellblazer/Hellraiser (Stu.Art Tipples) England
France V England (Roger Mason) "France"
Master of Kung Fu (PJ Holden) N.Ireland
Godzilla & Giant Robot!(Dan Fish) Japan
Billy the Fish (Adrian Bamforth) England
Human Torch V Iceman (Cabral) Brazil

Victoria and David Beckham (Bevis Musson) England
Midnighter/Batman as Jones/Gascoigne (Cath Tomlinson) Republic of Ireland
Hulk V Pierluigi Collina (Graeme Reid) Scotland
Ninja 9 (Dave Windett) "Japan"
Collina (Tim Seelig) "Italy"
Look Out for Lefty (Douglas Noble) Scotland
Luke Cage (Leonardo Aragao) Brazil
Doom, Zenith & others (Hector Lima) Brazil
Wonder Woman cheers Brazil (Sandro Castelli) Brazil
Dredd vs American Football (Sam Hart) "Team USA"
Rooney V Predator (Barry Renshaw) England
Galactus & Mr Fantastic (Al Ewing) England
Galactus with the World (Indio) The World
Socceroos (Australian World Cup team) and the 300 Spartans (Nick Ellis) Australia (and Greece!)

Ronaldinho, Sting, Alfred E.Newman (Délio Freire & Jean Diaz) Brazil
KABBALAH FC Alan Moore, Aleister Crowley et al (marcio massula junior and antonio eder) Brazil
X-Men in training for the world cup (Rafa Gallardo) Brazil

Sven's Saturday Comes (The Lad Done Brilliant) England & "Sweden"
Doctor Who and the history of the World Cup.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Ready to start one more time ?

The Wond'rous Mr Jesse Farrell has come up with two superb statues for Just 1 Page, and they'll be auctioned in April, so be there !

Okay everyone ?
Thanks to the 30 or so people who have been in touch - an abundance of Brazilians, which is only appropriate for a World Cup issue.

The Just 1 Page itinerary is as follows:
March 31st - Deadline for your contributions (of course some of you will miss this, PLEASE start now !)

April 1st - Final weeks of Just 1 Page 3 auctions - including the remaining artwork, plus a very nice extra one of Batman & Poison Ivy by Bevis Musson, plus the most excellent statues you can see above.

May 12th/13th/14th - Just 1 Page 4 on sale at the Comic Expo in Bristol. This time it will be something of a football fanzine effort to encourage cross over customers !

June some time,

Monday, February 06, 2006

World Cup J1P - inspirational artwork !


I realise (thanks to your feedback guys!) that football is not everyone's cup of tea, and so I provide the following links to actual World Cup highlights for purposes of inspiring.

Also check out Roy of the Rovers comics !

Just 1 Page 2006

I've had less than a dozen people say they will do a page for the World Cup themed Just 1 Page 4. (UPDATE: Now there are around 30, thanks for the response)

The football theme for the final edition of Just 1 Page seems to have scared off a few people who've contributed before. But never mind, all the more room for reprinting my old football fanzine gags.

Any way, as ever, the invitation is open to any reasonable artist to donate a one page comic strip or pin up on the theme of Football and Comics.

That means any of the following:

Direct tributes to (or parodies of) the classic football comics of days gone by. (Roy of the Rovers, Billy's Boots, Hotshot Hamish, Billy The Fish)

Combos of comics characters and football.
(The Hulk will be appearing as a goalkeeper, Captain Marvel may well be Bryan Robson once more, Ronaldo as Plug, Robbie Fowler as Zenith, Tony Rollinson's ADVENTURES OF PEOPLE WHO LOOK LIKE ARSENAL PLAYERS, John Motson as The Watcher, What if Escape to Victory had featured The Invaders, Ashley Cole as Sub-Mariner.)

Actual cartoons of footballers which I will use as "cigarette card" fodder.
I need some of these for all the teams involved except for England, whose squad is spoken for. These pics can be quite small, 9 on an A4 page would do nicely.

Anything else.

And you know, you could always just add a football into a sketch you've already done ...

Oh, I want someone to write short parody team summaries like you always get in the run up to the World Cup.
The deadline will be 31st of March, and at this rate there won't be enough to be going on with, so I don't want to waste anyone's time. Please let me know if you can't take part (or don't want to) in what will be my final Just 1 Page.

Some of you know that Andrew Wildman's Drawing the World Together charity is going to be prominent at Bristol and while the two projects have different emphasis - J1P is the magazine prepared in advance, plus ebay auctions - there's not going to be room for two such projects (and not enough pencils in your pencil case I hear busy artists cry).

Hopefully you've seen the photos of Jess Farrell's beautiful statue of League of Extraordinary Gents ?

Finally, a reminder of that theme, which as always is open to very liberal interpretation.

Any comics characters in a football related scene or story.
(You know, if you have any images lying around, you could just draw a football in a corner.)

A4 art preferred. Black and white or colour.
And as the theme is the World Cup I am looking for people to represent each country in the tournament (Ghana, Brazil, Netherlands and USA are already added to England, and yes of course I will accept contributions from Wales, Scotland, Eire and Northern Ireland :-) or any other country that is not playing in the world cup.

Feel free to pass this on.


PS apologies to those who have replied with their intention to take part.
Just 1 Page Charity Comic 2006
This year's theme is the World of Football

Sunday, January 08, 2006


I am only doing one more of these, so hopefully everyone can help me go out with a bang?

The theme is THE WORLD CUP, with any tenuous link to football that you want to include. I'll be using this thread to come up with ideas, and you're welcome to chip in and discuss the obscure subject of football and comics here too.

If you're struggling with the theme, here's a link to the BBC's webpage with info about the teams taking part - you could always take an obscure one !

Here's some more ideas for you.