Sunday, February 26, 2006

The squad for Just 1 Page 2006 (so far)

Please let me know who you intend to draw, and remember, any comics character in any of the World Cup countries is still an acceptable theme for your contributions !

Hellblazer/Hellraiser (Stu.Art Tipples) England
France V England (Roger Mason) "France"
Master of Kung Fu (PJ Holden) N.Ireland
Godzilla & Giant Robot!(Dan Fish) Japan
Billy the Fish (Adrian Bamforth) England
Human Torch V Iceman (Cabral) Brazil

Victoria and David Beckham (Bevis Musson) England
Midnighter/Batman as Jones/Gascoigne (Cath Tomlinson) Republic of Ireland
Hulk V Pierluigi Collina (Graeme Reid) Scotland
Ninja 9 (Dave Windett) "Japan"
Collina (Tim Seelig) "Italy"
Look Out for Lefty (Douglas Noble) Scotland
Luke Cage (Leonardo Aragao) Brazil
Doom, Zenith & others (Hector Lima) Brazil
Wonder Woman cheers Brazil (Sandro Castelli) Brazil
Dredd vs American Football (Sam Hart) "Team USA"
Rooney V Predator (Barry Renshaw) England
Galactus & Mr Fantastic (Al Ewing) England
Galactus with the World (Indio) The World
Socceroos (Australian World Cup team) and the 300 Spartans (Nick Ellis) Australia (and Greece!)

Ronaldinho, Sting, Alfred E.Newman (Délio Freire & Jean Diaz) Brazil
KABBALAH FC Alan Moore, Aleister Crowley et al (marcio massula junior and antonio eder) Brazil
X-Men in training for the world cup (Rafa Gallardo) Brazil

Sven's Saturday Comes (The Lad Done Brilliant) England & "Sweden"
Doctor Who and the history of the World Cup.