Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Hidden Heroes of Just 1 Page

So, as you can see in the previous post, I got all the art in (and two folks pushed the wire over their heads and did the tongue-pulling dance - mentioning no names).

But the epic task of laying out the pages took a lot longer than anyone imagined.

Thanks to Sean Azzopardi for two evenings of me moping around his computer and glowering at his BIG FAT CAT. (And to Steve for what we will refer to as "programming assistance".)

Thanks to David Baillie for a couple of emergency sessions on the old photoshop.

And to Dez Skinn for "an hour" on Bank Holiday Monday that turned into SIX HOURS IN THE COMICBOOK MANSION OF DREAMS!

Now the book is at the printers, and I'll have to wait - like everyone else - until I get to Bristol next Friday.

Check out the art previews: