Sunday, November 27, 2005

The 2nd Twenty Four Minute Comic

Not to be confused with the minute 24 second comic.

See it here

Everyone did a cracking job.
Any comments ?

Would you do it again ?

Oh, nearly forgot the link for the photos of the Expo, including the 24 Minute comic.
Hey, how about a six-a-side comic at Bristol ? Four teams of six artists, 24 minutes to produce a six page story ...
see what happens with coffee ?

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Just 24 Minutes update

The half an hour for this activity has been booked for 12 noon until 1pm on Saturday, in the gallery area of the Expo.

We've allowed an hour because it'll be tough to wrangle all them artists together at the same time !

Currently we have the following volunteers - please let me know if you want to join in.

David Baillie
Shane Chebsey
Andy Richmond
Roger Mason
Sean Azzopardi
Jamie McKelvie
Dan Fish
Andrew Luke
Bevis Musson
Rich Johnston
Lorenzo from
Seiriol Davies
Glenn Fabry
Kev Hopgood
Henry Flint
Rufus Dayglo
Beatgirl Comics
Paul @ Doodleshed
Dave Kendall
Gordon "Big Angry Rabbit"

Places still available !

email just 1 page +at+ aol +dot+ com to take part.