Sunday, September 25, 2005

Just 1 Page #4 & Draw The World Together

Overlapping with the end of the Just 1 Page #3 auctions will be this project, which deserves everyone's support !

The aim:
To create a body of work that expresses who we are as a comics community and by doing that raise funds for the children in the world who will probably never have the opportunity to grow up in the comics world that inspired us as children and enabled us to express that as adults. A way of uniting the whole global comics community in a virtual event that will raise funds for those children less fortunate than ourselves.

The Structure:
There will be two simultaneous virtual events that will coincide at a given time. One will go out to the creative community with a request for artists (and possibly writers) to produce a piece of work. That piece of work will then be emailed back to me where it will be placed on a website. The original plus 5 signed copies will be posted to me. The other part will be a viral email campaign that will go out to the fan community. This will be to raise awareness of the project in hand and to spread the word/create a buzz. Online newsgroups and websites will publicise the project. These two campaigns will then align with two events:
On Monday 26th September pieces of work submitted will start to appear on the 'Draw the World Together' website where it will be available to view by way of potential viewers making a donation to a given charity.
On Monday 17th October a one week auction will begin (through eBay) of all the pieces of original artwork and the 5 signed copies. All funds will again go to the given charity. All news and results will be available on the site in the last week of October.

The Charity:
The designated charity for this global event is EveryChild. EveryChild is an international development charity that works with the most vulnerable and marginalised children in many of the world's poorest countries to enable them to grow up free from disease, poverty and exploitation as valued individuals within strong communities.
EveryChild. Registered charity: #1089879

The theme might well be confused with the Just 1 Page #4 one of "ANY COMIC CHARACTER, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD", should I change it ? I didn't intend to play up the football connection that I mentioned previously, but do you think I should ?
Will that put anyone off ?

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Just 1 Page 3 auctions and announcing J1P4

Please go to the Just 1 Page auction site and either spend money or make other people spend more money !
Full list and running order here:

You would be correct in thinking that I am barking mad.
Because I am going to do it again next year.

This is mostly due to the support of everyone who has asked me to, and the kings of the British Expo scene - Mike Allwood and Dez Skinn.

However, it is also because I just had a great idea.
You may have noticed that the theme I was suggesting was ANY CHARACTER, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD ?

Well next year is the Football World Cup in which England will not be competing.
(They may yet be playing in it, but recent trends suggest they will not compete.)
As Just 1 Page features artists or characters representing all the top footballing nations (check the list - Brazil, France, Northern Ireland, Greece, Birmingham, and that other one where they play good footie).


This being Just 1 Page, we're quite flexible with the rules, so you won't have to draw football players, but the first person to bagsy Shaolin Soccer gets a special mention. Use as wide a berth as you need (eg newspaper headline, football in the background, Wonder Woman as a Brazil fan, Sven Goran Erikson as a Turnip etc) but please, will someone do Roy of the Rovers, and Hotshot Hamish, and Eric Cantona, and You Are The Ref.