Saturday, May 12, 2001


A Charity comic featuring a range of people from the whole spectrum of comics.

Artists, writers and EVEN fans.

See the "unfinished" page template at
FAQ for contributors

UPDATE May 12th 2001

Here's the latest page count (with my official deadline now passed) in order of arrival

Intro and Outro by Ade & Arthur

Simon Perrins - Alan Moore as Swampthing
Natalie Sandells - Morbius the living Vampire
Paul Holden - Lord Peter Flint, Warlord
*Jim McGee - Mike Allred

*Kevin Garnett - Sin City
*David Goodman - Stan Sakai
*Lisa Jurucich/Xyzandra - Katchoo and Francine
*Bobby Cheung - X-Men.
*Arthur Goodman - various !
Al Davison - variouser and variouser
Tatiana Gill - Tintin
Espen Jorgensen/ Geir Moen - Maxx & John Constantine
Jens Altmann (script) - Groo (drawn by me after Aragones)
Peter Hogan (script) - Alex Toth (drawn by Tony Rollinson)
Mike Carey (script) - Little Nemo (drawn by me)
Dylan Horrocks - Charlie Brown
Howard Cruse - Lulu Moppet
Hunt Emerson - Wimpy from Popeye
Larry Young, Chris Staros, Jamie Rich (answers) illustrated by Rich Johnston & Ade Brown
Sam Gaffin - The Anomalies
Brian Laframboise - Captain Marvel
Dave West - Hellboy
Steve Pugh - Rabbit & Lois
Steve Yeowell - Jack Kirby (&Ian Kennedy)
D'Israeli - Thor
Mike Collins - Spiderman
Darren Clarke - Elastic Man/ Fantastic Four
Andi Watson - Mitsuru Adachi
Steve Gerber/ Phil Winslade - (it's a secret !)
Bjorn T Boe/ Lise Myhre - Wolverine
Duncan Fegredo - Alex Toth
Mal Jones - Footsoldiers
Brian Wood - Buddy Berkley (from Hate)
Lawrence Rider - Hewligan's Haircut
Warren Ellis - (art by Steve Pugh)
Adrian Brown - "Lloyd MacAdam"


Some of the above pages will be available for Auction on behalf of the CBLDF.

There will be blank pages in the book, so people can get sketches from
artists at the festival, making every edition a collectible !
(Bill Jemas eat your heart out !)

So it looks like being a 48 page book, and subject to costs of a colour
cover, will sell for £3. Proceeds of sales to Comic Relief.

Adrian Brown

Wednesday, April 18, 2001


Solicitation of contributions is now closed (April 18th 2001),
but anyone who promised contributions and has not yet sent anything has until April 30th.

The comic is a compilation of single page strips drawn or written or featuring sketches by volunteers from the "comics community".
See and the press release below

There is a framing story, illustrated by Arthur Goodman explaining why an alien would be attending a comic convention in the first place.


Original art (ie contributions to the comic) hopefully to be made available for the auction at Comics 2001.


To tie in with the COMICS 2001 festival charity

ChildLine (proceeds from any original art)

Comic Relief (proceeds of sales of the comic)

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (auction of specially signed edition of the comic)

For your information, here is the info with which I recruited people to the project.
It's amazing that so many people persevered !


If I were to send the invitation around to loads of comics people, of course many busy people would ignore my emails.
However, if you support this cause and you know someone who would contribute (or who SHOULD), please pass it on.
Thanks to the people who have offered contributions so far, I'll publish a list in a month or two, with their permission.


1) Participants will have an A4 comic page, partially complete, and script outline. (see above)

2) It has three small panels introducing the writer, artist or one of their characters

& one large panel allowing artists to contribute just a sketch and minimal script

(although we hope some will re-draw the whole page).

3) Writers will also be invited to write a script for the page

(writer/artist collaborations welcome !)

4) There is a script outline, which contributors can keep as it is or change for their own needs.

5) The outline looks like this CHARITY COMIC BOOK COLLABORATION

6) Yes. The finished comic will have almost identical pages, with contributors hopefully using their own characters to answer the questions posed in the script.

7) an introductory page will be posted with invitations to contribute.

This will explain why an alien visitor is going around comic book creators asking

"Who is your comics hero?"

8) after the closing date for collaborations (March 2001) a final page will be written to close the story.

9) The book will be published in time for Comics 2001.

To minimise costs, distribution headaches etc involved it will be a black and white fanzine format. Not yet sure if it will be A4 or A5, depends how many pages are contributed I suppose.



The minimum would be to do a sketch as you might do at a convention, in answer to the question "What is your most favourite comic ever ?"

If you want to add anything to the three small panels or re-draw them, go ahead.

You could just sketch the title character (ie if Kirby's Hulk is your fave, draw the Hulk) or draw yourself or your character naming the fave (ie Spider Jerusalem saying "SPAWN F*KN ROOLS!")

Creator owned characters would be welcome.

For example, if you write and draw Mr Floppy, and you want to have Mr Floppy saying that X Men is his fave (while holding a copy of Xmen #1 or wearing an Xmen t-shirt) that would be fine.


Well, there is an issue with copyright, but if everyone votes for and draws Batman then perhaps DC will let us have fair use ? In any case, those pages that can not be used could still be auctioned.


Dialogue is suggested for the three small panels, you can change this to meet your preferences. If you are contributing art, please include some comment as to why you have chosen this comic. If you are a writer (only!) please feel free to fill the last panel with words or give us a script that an artist can complete on your behalf.

If you know an artist who you think would suit your work, please pass it on.

If you don't want an artist to illustrate your script, let me know


Be creative (since that's why I'm asking you !) If you want your character to refuse to answer the question fine.


It has to be acceptable for a "family" audience so no swearies.


Of course.

If you have any further questions, or want to confirm or refuse to take part,

please email me mailto:

Monday, January 01, 2001

PR Launch


Contact details:

Adrian Brown,

Flat J, 90 St Georges Drive,

Pimlico, London SW1V 4BZ,




A benefit comic for Comic Relief. The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and The Cartoonists Rights Network. To be published and sold only at the Bristol Comics Festival, May 27th & 28th 2001, in Bristol, England.

Comics artists and creators are invited to donate JUST ONE PAGE to this compilation comic.

Unusually, donations will be based on a repeated single page, with only the contributors' imagination and their answer to the question "Who is your comics hero?" changing from page to page. A framing sequence set at the Bristol Comics Festival will place these pages in context. A sort of Convention Sketchbook with a plot.

The page template that artists will use is available online at

The book itself will serve as an illustration of the wide range of styles and talents and genres that make up the comics community - ranging from the major companies to small press and mini-comics.

All proceeds from the comic will go to the above charity organisations, and hopefully, original art from the project will be auctioned at the customary Comics art Auction during the weekend.

Some well-known and up and coming contributors have already offered to take part, names to be announced 31st January 2001.

Further details of the project, including an online copy of the page template and its script can be found at the project website .

Further details of the Comics 2001 festival will be posted at

Please feel free to mention this project, however briefly, in news or announcements sections, as it is not intended to "spam" the comics community with an invitation to take part, but clearly the more people who know about it, the more can offer their services.

Future Press releases:

January 31st: Announcement of contributors so far.

February 28th: Launch of the production of the comic (to be arranged), more announcements of contributors.

March 31st: Confirmation of details of the comic's page count and price.

May 26th: Comics 2001 Festival in Bristol.