Saturday, May 12, 2001


A Charity comic featuring a range of people from the whole spectrum of comics.

Artists, writers and EVEN fans.

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UPDATE May 12th 2001

Here's the latest page count (with my official deadline now passed) in order of arrival

Intro and Outro by Ade & Arthur

Simon Perrins - Alan Moore as Swampthing
Natalie Sandells - Morbius the living Vampire
Paul Holden - Lord Peter Flint, Warlord
*Jim McGee - Mike Allred

*Kevin Garnett - Sin City
*David Goodman - Stan Sakai
*Lisa Jurucich/Xyzandra - Katchoo and Francine
*Bobby Cheung - X-Men.
*Arthur Goodman - various !
Al Davison - variouser and variouser
Tatiana Gill - Tintin
Espen Jorgensen/ Geir Moen - Maxx & John Constantine
Jens Altmann (script) - Groo (drawn by me after Aragones)
Peter Hogan (script) - Alex Toth (drawn by Tony Rollinson)
Mike Carey (script) - Little Nemo (drawn by me)
Dylan Horrocks - Charlie Brown
Howard Cruse - Lulu Moppet
Hunt Emerson - Wimpy from Popeye
Larry Young, Chris Staros, Jamie Rich (answers) illustrated by Rich Johnston & Ade Brown
Sam Gaffin - The Anomalies
Brian Laframboise - Captain Marvel
Dave West - Hellboy
Steve Pugh - Rabbit & Lois
Steve Yeowell - Jack Kirby (&Ian Kennedy)
D'Israeli - Thor
Mike Collins - Spiderman
Darren Clarke - Elastic Man/ Fantastic Four
Andi Watson - Mitsuru Adachi
Steve Gerber/ Phil Winslade - (it's a secret !)
Bjorn T Boe/ Lise Myhre - Wolverine
Duncan Fegredo - Alex Toth
Mal Jones - Footsoldiers
Brian Wood - Buddy Berkley (from Hate)
Lawrence Rider - Hewligan's Haircut
Warren Ellis - (art by Steve Pugh)
Adrian Brown - "Lloyd MacAdam"


Some of the above pages will be available for Auction on behalf of the CBLDF.

There will be blank pages in the book, so people can get sketches from
artists at the festival, making every edition a collectible !
(Bill Jemas eat your heart out !)

So it looks like being a 48 page book, and subject to costs of a colour
cover, will sell for £3. Proceeds of sales to Comic Relief.

Adrian Brown