Thursday, July 28, 2005

To the one dissatisfied Just 1 Page customer.

Thankyou for accepting your paypal refund, ignoring the magazines and extra postage that I paid in an attempt to redress the delay in receiving your magazines. I note that you did so without ever contacting me to ask about the delay. I further note that you took longer to acknowledge receipt than my delay in sending the magazines. I hope that you get some enjoyment from the magazine that has cost you nothing and can be satisfied that the investigation almost certainly resulted in the delays to the charity auctions because of eBay action that followed your complaint.

To everyone else, you should now have received your copy of Just 1 Page 3 with complimentary copy of #2. Those of you looking for the auctions, please bear with me as I await written confirmation from Childline to comply with eBay's new charity auction rules.

Those auctions will begin at the end of August, but I may not be allowed to mention the word "charity" in the eBay listings, so you'll have to remember that this is for a good cause.

No, there probably will not be a Just 1 Page #4 next year.