Monday, January 01, 2001

PR Launch


Contact details:

Adrian Brown,

Flat J, 90 St Georges Drive,

Pimlico, London SW1V 4BZ,




A benefit comic for Comic Relief. The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and The Cartoonists Rights Network. To be published and sold only at the Bristol Comics Festival, May 27th & 28th 2001, in Bristol, England.

Comics artists and creators are invited to donate JUST ONE PAGE to this compilation comic.

Unusually, donations will be based on a repeated single page, with only the contributors' imagination and their answer to the question "Who is your comics hero?" changing from page to page. A framing sequence set at the Bristol Comics Festival will place these pages in context. A sort of Convention Sketchbook with a plot.

The page template that artists will use is available online at

The book itself will serve as an illustration of the wide range of styles and talents and genres that make up the comics community - ranging from the major companies to small press and mini-comics.

All proceeds from the comic will go to the above charity organisations, and hopefully, original art from the project will be auctioned at the customary Comics art Auction during the weekend.

Some well-known and up and coming contributors have already offered to take part, names to be announced 31st January 2001.

Further details of the project, including an online copy of the page template and its script can be found at the project website .

Further details of the Comics 2001 festival will be posted at

Please feel free to mention this project, however briefly, in news or announcements sections, as it is not intended to "spam" the comics community with an invitation to take part, but clearly the more people who know about it, the more can offer their services.

Future Press releases:

January 31st: Announcement of contributors so far.

February 28th: Launch of the production of the comic (to be arranged), more announcements of contributors.

March 31st: Confirmation of details of the comic's page count and price.

May 26th: Comics 2001 Festival in Bristol.