Monday, February 06, 2006

Just 1 Page 2006

I've had less than a dozen people say they will do a page for the World Cup themed Just 1 Page 4. (UPDATE: Now there are around 30, thanks for the response)

The football theme for the final edition of Just 1 Page seems to have scared off a few people who've contributed before. But never mind, all the more room for reprinting my old football fanzine gags.

Any way, as ever, the invitation is open to any reasonable artist to donate a one page comic strip or pin up on the theme of Football and Comics.

That means any of the following:

Direct tributes to (or parodies of) the classic football comics of days gone by. (Roy of the Rovers, Billy's Boots, Hotshot Hamish, Billy The Fish)

Combos of comics characters and football.
(The Hulk will be appearing as a goalkeeper, Captain Marvel may well be Bryan Robson once more, Ronaldo as Plug, Robbie Fowler as Zenith, Tony Rollinson's ADVENTURES OF PEOPLE WHO LOOK LIKE ARSENAL PLAYERS, John Motson as The Watcher, What if Escape to Victory had featured The Invaders, Ashley Cole as Sub-Mariner.)

Actual cartoons of footballers which I will use as "cigarette card" fodder.
I need some of these for all the teams involved except for England, whose squad is spoken for. These pics can be quite small, 9 on an A4 page would do nicely.

Anything else.

And you know, you could always just add a football into a sketch you've already done ...

Oh, I want someone to write short parody team summaries like you always get in the run up to the World Cup.
The deadline will be 31st of March, and at this rate there won't be enough to be going on with, so I don't want to waste anyone's time. Please let me know if you can't take part (or don't want to) in what will be my final Just 1 Page.

Some of you know that Andrew Wildman's Drawing the World Together charity is going to be prominent at Bristol and while the two projects have different emphasis - J1P is the magazine prepared in advance, plus ebay auctions - there's not going to be room for two such projects (and not enough pencils in your pencil case I hear busy artists cry).

Hopefully you've seen the photos of Jess Farrell's beautiful statue of League of Extraordinary Gents ?

Finally, a reminder of that theme, which as always is open to very liberal interpretation.

Any comics characters in a football related scene or story.
(You know, if you have any images lying around, you could just draw a football in a corner.)

A4 art preferred. Black and white or colour.
And as the theme is the World Cup I am looking for people to represent each country in the tournament (Ghana, Brazil, Netherlands and USA are already added to England, and yes of course I will accept contributions from Wales, Scotland, Eire and Northern Ireland :-) or any other country that is not playing in the world cup.

Feel free to pass this on.


PS apologies to those who have replied with their intention to take part.
Just 1 Page Charity Comic 2006
This year's theme is the World of Football