Wednesday, October 11, 2006

24 Hour ComICA last weekend

spent most of the weekend at the ICA, talking comics to a combination of comics people (marshalled by Paul Gravett for international 24 Hour Comic Day) and people who wandered up from the gallery below lured by my sign that artists were drawing upstairs ;-)

I missed all of Paul's talks because I was mostly selling comics for the people who had attended to take part in the 24 Hour Comic, but I got to meet Frank Skinner who turns out to be as nice as all the other Baggies fans I know. And has been expanding his knowledge of comics that (like many of the ICA regulars) he'd left behind years ago.

The 24 Hour collective came from the spectrum of indie comics in the UK (ie not The Beano), and I currently have half a dozen of their comics waiting for scanning over the weekend ...

Contributors were:

Steven Appleby "Rejoice, this comic is the ghost of a tree"
Matt Broersma "The Black Book"
Matilda Tristram "Vikram"
Dave Simmonds (New Statesman) "Evolution" ... ?
David Baillie "Doggie"
Douglas Noble "WHat it is and what it was not"
Dan Fish "4 3 2 1"
Christian Jensen "The Harvest Has Failed" - 7 pages A2 size - ie 28 pages A4 ;-)

Umisen-Yamasen manga studio:
Chie Kutsuwada, "When I Fly"
Inko, "The Clock"
Hepi-Ichiko, "My Name is Otomeko"
Ochi-bo "Crouching Wolf & Hidden Red Riding Hood"
Yuki, "The Gift"

John from Gosh! "START" - 24 pages in one hour !

Neal Fox, Leigh Fox, Bill Bragg, Chris Bianchi, James Graham , Steph Von
Reiswitz, Alex Wright, Tobias Tak, Emma Rendel ,Cecelia Lindgren, Carl
Waters, Harry Malt, Luke Frost, James Unsworth, Echao Jiang
(We should post this as a video !)
"The Life and Death of Shit Boy and his muscular friend" - 24 large pages !

And my nephew, Carl helped me film the whole event so we can promote next years (hopefully the ICA will sanction a 24 HOUR overnighter ?)

Pictures here:
Movie to follow.

Who wants to take part next year?