Sunday, January 14, 2007

A new year, A new start for Just 1 Page

Total disillusionment with the whole Just 1 Page business is behind me know, so here's this year's plan.

1) No more Just 1 Page publications from me.
If anyone wants to take over with a more commercial approach - ie £1500 corporate sponsorship to pay the costs rather than my pocket (or any one else's pocket) - I'll be glad to hear from you.

2) Clear the backlog of auctions.
The auctions will start after the Birmingham International Comics Show, where I will be giving away as many copies of Just 1 Page as I can carry up there. (We will have no table, so this probably means putting them into the Freeby Bags.)

3) At least one 24 Minute Comic.
I've proposed three: Caption, in Oxford on Sunday 12th August; Brum ICS in October (tbc) and one other subject to the next point. If anyone wants to have a go at one elsewhere, let me know and I'll help if possible.

4) The 24 Hour Comic at the ICA.
Hopefully now they can let us stay in the venue overnight, or at least find a venue where we can.

Please let everyone know that there's a Just 1 Page page on Comic Space and when I have finished (slowly) converting the old Just 1 Page website to this blog, I'll start uploading the images to include contributor biogs etc. which of course will be open to your own comments.