Friday, March 18, 2005

J1P3 - 24 Minute Mini Comic contributors

On Saturday March 19th, at
the UK Web & Minicomix Thing
we will be attempting to produce a record-breaking comic.

The 24 Minute Mini Comic to be completed and published on the day.

Each artist or art team will have 24 minutes to draw a page based on certain keywords or phrases, contributed by the audience at the event, like a comedy improv night. At the end of the 24 minutes the pages will be collected, collated & printed and will be on sale before the end of the event.

The final effort will be on sale by 3.00pm and will also appear as a pull-out supplement in Just One Page 3, the charity comic magazine. The final comic will also feature the names and contact details of the creators, their web sites etc.

You do not have to be an exhibitor to take part, all you have to do is pay the entry fee and come and join in - by contributing suggestion to be included in the pages.

Artists will be asked to draw one page (minimum size A5, minimum 4 panels) in just 24 minutes at The Thing. The only other rules will be:
- their page will be allocated to a time of day and the finished collection will tell the tale of a day in the life of our featured character.
- they should feature another character of their choosing.
- they must feature an object and a location suggested by the audience, and randomly drawn from a "hat"
- the only words will be a rhyming couplet loosely describing the events.

All proceeds will go towards the Just 1 Page charity (Childline), and the finished item will be reprinted in Just 1 Page (

We have 24 people (or teams) lined up, but need a reserve list.

Currently, unless I've forgotten anyone, this is who we have taking part:

1) Kat & Dave

2) Roger Langridge

3) "vented spleen" (who is already halfway there with)

4) Roger Mason

5) Sean Azzopardi

6) David Baillie

7) Eddie 'Eddache' Bowley

8) G Douglas

9) Caroline

10) Chikin

11) Zoe Stead

12) Shane Chebsey

13) Dan Fish

14) Willie Hewes

15) Bridgeen Gillespie

16) Joff (possibly Darren & Wes too)

17) Titch (& assistant & computer!)

18) David Goodman

19) Arthur Goodman

20) Ali Graham

21) Marc B

22) James Morris

23) Ping Teo

24) Gary Northfield

Plus: Patrick Findlay (subject to him being VERY BUSY organising The Thing !)

If your name is not on there, remember that we may need "reserves" and that people can team up.

Let's make it a visual event with everyone frantically crayoning, painting, etching or keyboarding (if you can print your contribution out or maybe copy it onto a floppy disk at the event then why not?)

Meanwhile, whether you are taking part in the 24m mc @ UKW&MCT or not, you can still do a full page strip or art-page for ...
the Just 1 Page Charity Comic 2005

See previous item for more info about how the event will happen.

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