Sunday, January 16, 2005

J1P previews: Monkeys, Men and Magicians

Three previews of unfinished art for Just 1 Page 3.

New publishers are welcome to contribute, especially if you are going to Bristol's Comic Expo, where Just 1 Page 3 will be launched.

Monkeys Go Ape from Stu.Art

I am always happy to see people stretching the theme, and Joacy Jamys from Brazil, brings a more thoughtful side of the "Battles" theme.

Playing of War check his website for more of his wide range !

And, in case anyone had not noticed, the best way to endear yourself to me is to feature John Constantine.

Well done Brian Crowley !

Other art promised so far:
Sagat (Streetfighter) Versus Tetsuo (Akira), by Richard Elson.
Silver Surfer & ????, AND Captain America V Captain Britain, by Tony Rollinson
Punisher V Tintin, by Graeme Reid
The Thing versus Dennis the Menace or maybe Galactus versus the Godzilla, by INDIO

Bridgeen Gillespie
Frazer Irving
Gary Northfield
Len O'Grady
Roger Langridge
Tim Seelig
Warren Pleece
Alex De Campi
Bobby Vala & Michael Karpas
Dan Fish
David Baillie
Drashko Roganovich
Jamie McKelvie
Jim Whelok
Lee "Budgie" Barnett
Mike Carey
Rob Williams
Roger Mason
Roxane Grant
Sean Azzopardi
Sam Hart
Stuart McCarthy

And ... one for the sculpture fans ... League of Extraordinary Gentlemen by Jesse Farrell, who did that lovely Jack Staff statue. Previews of his production art coming soon.

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