Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Just 1 Page 2 - The Brits

Just 1 Page: Heroes was a charity comic published for the UK's comic festival in Bristol during the year of 2001. This year, it is back for another issue - this time the theme is British comics characters, and that includes creators. We will be selling the comic at Bristol and auctioning original art to raise funds for the Trinity Hospice charity.

Before I tell you about the process of putting together this comic, I'd like to say why I chose that charity.

In 2002, three of our neighbours were taken ill with various unrelated illnesses.
Within a year, two of them had sadly died, and both were cared for in the Trinity.

Guita was a lovely lady with a life you would not believe ! In her nineties, she felt she had lived beyond her years and was suffering various ailments brought on by her age. She was very low before she went to the Trinity Hospice. The last time I saw Guita, she was battling her way to the local shops, despite not feeling well. She declined any help, although she would welcome us in for a chat and a few odd jobs around her flat. She had been a lively soul in her younger years, a despatch rider during the War, a Soho club girl and then manager of her own club in the Fifties.
She had been to hospital and received treatment, but she was reluctant to accept the home help she needed.
Once she went to the Trinity, she was given a more dignified, comfortable time than she had at home.

She died in April last year.
At her request, her funeral was to be a quiet, secular occasion, and Karen had to make all the arrangements because I ended up with a broken arm that very same week. I got to choose the music, but not to attend and due to my accident, I didn't get to say a proper goodbye.

So, Just 1 Page 2 is a way to say thankyou to the staff of the Trinity Hospice for giving our friend a comfortable farewell. And for me to say farewell to Guita, who I hope is with her loved ones in the heavenly version of that club of hers !